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Health benefits of Rooibos tea

powdered rooibos

What is Rooibos?

Rooibos or red tea is a herbal drink with medicinal properties from South Africa. It is obtained from the fermentation of the leaves of the Aspalathus linearis shrub.

Rooibos benefits and properties

It is an ideal relaxing drink to treat headaches, hypertension, insomnia or stomach pains.

Does not contain caffeine

Unlike teas, Rooibos does not contain caffeine and therefore it can be taken by children, pregnant women or people with hypertension problems.

Rooibos contraindications

Taking rooibos in moderation does not have any health risks.

How to prepare Rooibos?

Preparing a rooibos is simple and fast. It can be taken hot or cold and mixed with water, milk or a vegetable drink such as oat milk, soy milk, or almond milk.

Heat 60 ml of water to 80 ºC and pour between 0.5 g and 1 g of rooibos powder. Mix with an electric or bamboo whisk until dissolved and foamy. Add 190 ml of water, milk or your favorite vegetable drink and… ready to drink!

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