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Matcha tea and anxiety

helps to reduce stress and anxiety symptoms

l-theanine has a direct effect on brain functions

What is matcha tea?

Matcha comes from grinding the top green tea leaves. The result is a powerful green powser.
You can drink it or add it into recipes, and it is known for its incredible properties.

1. Relxes your mind

Matcha has a high concentration of L-Theanine, which increases the activity in the alpha frequency of the brain, which means that it relaxes the mind without causing drowsiness. Therefore, the calm-alert state caused by matcha decreases generalized anxiety.

In addition, it has also been shown that oral intake of L-Theanine causes anti-stress effects, since it inhibits excitation in the cortical neuron.

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2. Calmness ritual

In a single gram of matcha (which is the recommended amount for one cup), we can find 39 mg of L-Theanine. In a green tea bag we only find 9 mg. That is why its relaxing preparation ritual is a good alternative for those who wonder how to control anxiety.

Stop, breathe, prepare a matcha and notice how physical and mental symptoms of anxiety decrease thanks to L-Theanine.

3. Blood pressure reducer

Anxiety and stress can increase blood pressure and heart rate. An effect caused by matcha’s L-Theanine is the reduction of both, so it will also create a relaxing effect that will help overcome anxiety and nervousness, while keeping you alert and not causing sleepiness. Not surprisingly, it was popularized centuries ago as the favorite drink of Buddhist monks and samurai, two figures that needed a state of mental relaxation as well as full attention in their activity.

4. Mood enhancer

Matcha will get you in a better mood. The combination of all the above together with the energy given by caffeine and the balance given by L-Theanine, decreases the levels of nervousness and bad humor.

Many people notice bad mood symptoms when the effects of coffee disappear. It gives a peak of vitality with an equally rapid descent. This can affect the most sensitive ones as emotional distress caused by tiredness and sleep. With matcha, you will not only avoid this discomfort, but you will counteract it with a more lasting sense of vitality and good humor.

5. Helps Focus

One of the biggest causes of anxiety on a day-to-day basis is to think a matter over again and again. Matcha also helps you in that, as it stimulates concentration and focus, preventing you from procrastination.

In addition, this concentration will last longer than with coffee, since matcha’s extended release of energy lasts about 4-6 hours.

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