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Sleep: the foundation of your beauty routine

For years, we've heard from top models that their biggest beauty secret is getting 8 hours of sleep. While getting those 8 hours won't turn us all into models, it's scientifically proven that sleep has a clear effect on beauty.

During sleep, our body regulates the synthesis of collagen, which provides firmness and density to our skin. Not only that, but our skin takes advantage of our sleeping hours to produce elastin, which, as the name suggests, keeps our skin elastic and in place. All of this process is interrupted when we wake up, which is why the more hours we give our body to carry it out, the better.

But... What Can We Do to Achieve This Restorative Sleep?

There are small actions that will make falling asleep easier and ensure your rest is truly deep and effective. We'll mention four so you can consider checking each one off and make sure you're doing everything you can for your well-being and your skin.

1. Disconnection

As obvious as it may seem, disconnecting is the most important aspect of rest, and we often neglect it. For 5 minutes, sit in bed in complete darkness with your eyes closed. Your brain will receive the signal to enter rest mode, and you'll feel much more relaxation than usual.


2. Screens

Ever since mobile devices became part of our daily lives, we've heard that their blue light is harmful to our sleep and our skin – the two things we're concerned with in this article. Even though we know it, it's inevitable to give our messages or social media one last look before going to bed, right? So, being understanding, what we recommend is to try not to do it at least half an hour before actual sleep. Can you try that?

3. There's an Ideal Time

Yes, there's an ideal time to go to sleep. Cortisol, the stress hormone, has its peak around 9 in the morning to activate you and provide energy during the day. In contrast, around 10 pm, cortisol is at its lowest levels, making it easier for you to fall asleep. If you wait much longer, the hormone can rise again, so even if you feel more tired, it might be harder to sleep.

4. Caffeine

The eternal question of caffeine. We need it to be productive in our daily lives, but its lingering effects prevent us from resting to be productive on our own the next day. There's a solution. Matcha tea, made by grinding green tea leaves, contains caffeine. However, since it also contains L-Theanine, it creates the so-called calm-alert effect. This effect consists of a gradual release of energy that neither causes nervousness nor affects subsequent sleep. If you replace coffee with high-quality matcha, like Matcha & CO, you'll notice that falling asleep will be much easier.

Rest is the foundation of the proper functioning of the body at almost all levels. Therefore, whether you care more or less about your beauty, you must try by all means to prioritize this aspect of your life. When you rest well, you feel even better. And what we can promise you is that it shows.

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