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Matcha products to boost your health and beauty from within.

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Discover the secrets of matcha

botes té matchamatcha premium ceremonial

100% organic matcha tea

A ceremonial grade matcha tea from Uji, Japan.

botes té matcha

Reach a new level of physical and mental well-being by taking it daily with milk, water, juice or adding it to your recipes.

Proven benefits of matcha
  • – Energy and concentration
  • – Reduces anxiety
  • – Helps to reduce lipids
  • – Regulates cholesterol

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Health and beauty supplements

Supplements based on matcha created to improve your gut
health, your emotional well-being and your beauty, from the inside.

suplementos matcha

Every supplement has a combination of ingredients that, together,
will enhance everything that is already in you. You will notice its
results, both inside and outside.

Proven benefits of our supplements
  • – Hydrates, reaffirms and gives elasticity to your skin
  • – Helps to improve intestinal transit and gut health
  • – Contributes to the improvement of the immune system
  • – Promotes the formation of collagen

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Skin Cure
Inner Cure
english breakfast black teaJasmine tea powder

Powdered tea: A new and better way to drink tea, plastic-free!

100% organic tea of the highest quality.

tea powder

Unlike infused tea, when you drink powdered tea, you not only avoid consuming microplastics, but you also absorb all the nutrients and antioxidants that the ground tea leaf contains.

Benefits of drinking powdered tea
  • – You absorb 100% of the nutrients
  • – You avoid consuming microplastics
  • – Higher flavor concentration
  • – Simple and fast preparation

Discover our powdered tea

Your microbiome, the foundation of your health and beauty

Over the last 15 years scientists have discovered that 50% of our body are bacteria and our gut microbiome is like a second brain which directly influences our physical and emotional state.

Matcha, a natural prebiotic, has a positive selective microbial activity, directly feeding probiotics and creating a richer microbiome.

your immune system

your probiotic bacteria

your gut health

We combine all the potential of high quality organic matcha with unique ingredients to create revolutionary products that improve your health and beauty from the inside.
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Antioxidant and full of vitamins: discover all the benefits of matcha tea

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Continued consumption helps fight aging and cell deterioration


Delicious packs; Our favorite includes two varieties of organic matcha

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