How to prepare a Matcha Tea

Matcha tea can be prepared with either an electric whisk or a bamboo one. Making a matcha tea is a very straightforward process that, with practice, becomes intuitive.

It is typically made with just water, but in the West, it has become so popular that we drink it with both water and milk, plant-based beverages, or even juices.

4 Steps to prepare a delicious Matcha Tea
4 Steps to prepare a delicious Matcha Tea
4 Steps to prepare a delicious Matcha Tea

1. Add Matcha into a bowl

In the ceramic bowl, pour one gram (one scoop of the measuring spoon) of premium matcha tea. To prevent lump formation, it can also be sifted.

When selecting a ceramic bowl, or 'chawan', it's essential to choose one that is wide enough to allow for the whisking movement. This ensures that the matcha is adequately mixed and frothy, enhancing its flavour and texture.

2. Add water

Pour 60 ml of water at a temperature of 80°C into the bowl. It's crucial not to use boiling water as it could damage the delicate properties of the matcha tea.

The ideal water temperature, around 80°C, ensures that the beneficial compounds in matcha, such as antioxidants and catechins, remain intact.

3. Whisk Vigorously

Using the bamboo whisk, whisk vigorously in a zigzag or "W" pattern for 30-40 seconds or until a layer of froth forms on the surface.

The zigzag or "W" motion is a traditional technique, ensuring that the matcha is evenly distributed throughout the water, giving the drink its characteristic creamy texture.

4. Ready to drink

Carefully add the remaining hot water, milk, or plant-based beverage (190 ml), trying to avoid breaking the froth.

In traditional matcha preparation, the consistency and quality of the froth play a significant role. When introducing additional liquids, it's essential to pour them gently so as not to disrupt the creamy layer of foam that's been meticulously created. Whether you're using water, cow's milk, or a plant-based alternative like almond or soy milk, the temperature and pouring technique are crucial.

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