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Inner Cure

Improves your gut health, shows on your mood.

Developed with experts in the microbiome, Inner Cure aims to improve the digestive system, the immune system and mood. Our hardworking formula brings instant relief to uncomfortable stomachs and helps achieve long-term bloat reduction.

Good to know: lab tested, chemical free, gluten free, cruelty free, vegan, no side effects.

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Probiotics for your gut health

Contains 5 probiotic strains with 50 billion CFU (Colony-forming unit) per gram of probiotics specific for the improvement of the gut microbiome. Matcha, a natural prebiotic, will enable to get the most out of the live colonies that you will ingest.

Happy gut happy you

The gut microbiome is like a second brain that affects our phisical and emotional state. A balanced microbiota is key as it directly infuences your overall mood.

The science

In a third-party consumption study, 35 women were participants in the study, of which 31 were very satisfied with the results they obtained after eight weeks of consumption.


Expressed reduction of intestinal pathogens


Noticed a reduction of intestinal inflamation


Noticed a reduction of stress

50 billion CFU of probiotics

No preservatives

No Colorants



No Gluten

No Allergens


No sugar

Skin Cure Facial
Skin Cure ojos

It’s time to feel better

week 1

Positive changes in your digestive tract

You may feel that your gut is full or bloated which means that the probiotics are doing its job. Probiotics are like vaccines that may counter react at first but will improve your microbiota in the long term.

week 2

Improves intestinal transit

Intestinal transit is decreased, intestinal inflammation is lowered and inflammatory response is reduced. Your gut bloating may improve.

week 6

Stronger immune system and better mood

Your immune system is reinforced thanks to the benefits of the prebiotics and probiotics. Your gut microbioma is richer, has better probiotics and less pathogenic bacteria. Your second brain is healthier, and you will feel it in your mood.

Month 2

Balanced microbiota

Your gut microbiota is balanced and your inmune system improved which will contribute to a better mood. Your gut bloating may be gone.

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