Bamboo Whisk Chasen


Handmade Frother
100 prongs
Free of Plastic
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Height: 9 cm

Diameter: 7 cm

Produced in Japan, it's a high-quality Bamboo Whisk (also called Chasen).

Perfect to

Preparing a Matcha tea in the traditional way.

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The bamboo whisk or chasen with 100 prongs is a traditional Japanese accessory, which is used to dissolve matcha green tea.

Meticulously manufactured, it consists of 100 prongs made of bamboo, delicate and flexible that completely dissolve matcha powder.


Frequently asked questions

How should it be washed?

To clean the chasen, fill the chawan with hot water (or bowl that you normally use to drink matcha) and beat the water as if you were preparing a matcha tea. Examine the whisk to see if there are any green spots left and, if it is already clean, shake it lightly to remove any water that may remain inside.
It is not suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

Is it essential to prepare a matcha tea?

No, there are multiple possibilities when mixing matcha in water, milk or food. Use an electric whisk together with a little water or milk (60ml) and you will get a correct solution. You can also add 1 g of matcha in water and slowly dissolve it with a spoon with a little hot water. Then add the rest of the water or milk to complete your perfect drink.

Should the center be released before being used?

Once you receive the chasen and use it for the first time, fill a bowl with hot water and insert the whisk into the bowl for a few seconds. Little by little the center of the bamboo will open.

What care should be done?

We recommend to insert the chasen in hot water before each use to improve its elasticity and increase the life of this accessory.
After each use clean with water and let it dry, store in a cool and dry place.

What durability does it have?

The durability of the chasen depends entirely on the use and care you give your chasen. You can use the chasen until you see the tips begin to break. If there are several broken ends, be careful when beating the matcha since some of them could stay inside your drink. To extend the lifetime, read our recommendations for chasen care.

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