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Ritual Expert Set


With this set, preparing a matcha is simple and fast. With the measuring spoon, your matcha always stays the same, and the bamboo whisk will help you dissolve the matcha completely and create a thin layer of foam.

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Premium Matcha (80 g)

Bamboo whisk

Measuring spoon (1 g)

Ceramic Chawan

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Ceremonial grade matcha

The harvest of green tea leaves is done methodically in spring only by selecting the best leaves. Steamed, separated from the stems and ground the unveiled leaf. This traditional process maximizes the flavour and preserves our matcha's vibrant green colour.

Perfect for

Pure and intense flavor with a delicate velvety finish. Do you notice the umami flavour, perfect for lovers of matcha and gourmets? Ideal to drink with water or oat milk, almond milk, soy milk, rice milk or dairy milk.

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