Banana and matcha ice cream

What if we tell you that you can prepare a healthy, tasty ice cream at home with the properties of matcha? That's right! 💚

10 min 2
Tiramisu with Spicy Chai tea

We've put a very special twist on this delicious Italian recipe 😍. Try this fantastic Tiramisú with Spicy Chai tea 👌

3 hours 4-6 people
Chocolate Spicy Chai mousse

This chocolate mousse is delicious with our special little touch ⭐ We add Cacao Spicy Chai for a slightly spicy taste! 

1,5 hours 6
Matcha and white chocolate Panna Cotta

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure that combines the rich flavors of matcha and white chocolate? Look no further!

6 hours 4 people

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