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Discover catechins and their benefits

Catechins are one of the health-related terms that have been constantly buzzing in recent years. But what are they, and what do they offer?

Catechins are a component of some foods from the flavonoid family. They are a tremendous source of antioxidants. In other words, among many other things, they protect against the damage caused by free radicals, such as premature aging of cells and tissues.

The properties of catechins are so numerous that if they weren't scientifically proven, they would be unbelievable. They are anti-arthritic, anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer, anti-aggregant, immune-boosting, and hepatoprotective. But... what do all these words mean when it comes to applying them to our health benefits? And, most importantly, where can we find them?

The richest source of catechins is green tea. And, consequently, matcha tea, which consists of the same powdered green tea and multiplies the properties of the former by 137 times. Within green tea, we find various types of catechins such as epicatechin, epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin, and epigallocatechin gallate. The latter has the most antioxidant power and, at the same time, is the only one found in green tea and matcha tea.

What specific effects do catechins have on our health?

  • Cardiovascular System: Their ability to combat cholesterol and prevent clots in blood vessels reduces the chances of suffering a cardiovascular accident.
  • Antioxidants: Imagine your body as something that oxidizes like iron, and then think of catechins as a paint that protects against oxidation. By preventing it, catechins stop the malfunction of certain organs such as your heart, lungs, kidneys, and your cells in general. In this way, they become one of the best antidotes to aging, including skin aging.
  • Arthritis: Thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties, they help improve certain arthritis conditions.
  • Obesity: Some studies link catechins to weight loss because they have a thermogenic effect, meaning they raise the body's temperature. This activates metabolism and, therefore, contributes to fat burning.

Now that you know all the things catechins can do for your future and present well-being, the next step is to start taking them regularly with, for example, high-quality matcha like ours every day, which will provide you with the highest concentration of epigallocatechin gallate found in any food.

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